Flowing Rivers was birthed in 2010 in the heart of founder, Samson Baptist as a response to a divine call. It started out as a forum to galvanise young adults into impactful leaders by engaging in direct servanthood of the local, national and international communities. Flowing Rivers launched out with just six affiliates in a lowly Essex living room and has steadily grown from holding weekly training sessions (Overflow Bible Study) to overseeing over 10 projects, locally, nationally and internationally. Some of our projects include street missions, which involves feeding the homeless, an elderly people’s project, prison visits, and food bank support. At our core, we believe that the church was placed on this earth to be The Lord’s hand extended to humanity in love, expressed through teachings, healing, humanitarian support, economic empowerment and leadership development for posterity. Our mission is to preach Christ always and only if necessary, use words! We are simply here to birth life wherever we flow according to Ezekiel 47:9.

Meet the Founder

Samson Baptist

Samson Baptist

Samson Baptist is the CEO and founder of Flowing Rivers. Having served in youth leadership for over 20 years, he is now heading up a vibrant ministry dedicated to developing leaders through engaging in practical servanthood. Samson Baptist carries a compelling and impactful Apostolic teaching anointing and has a unique grace to minister across the generations.

Over the years he has developed and raised up a number of young leaders, many of whom have been empowered to build up other leaders within Flowing Rivers, and also internationally. Samson Baptist believed that the compelling message, love and, ultimately, the impact of the church should be felt outside of the walls of the institution and on the streets of reality. Samson Baptist is also a loving husband and a doting father of three amazing children.

“The greatest investment in life is the investment in life”  Samson Baptist

Meet the Team

Mens Fellowship
Mens Fellowship
The men’s fellowship is a safe environment; men can be transparent with each other, grow, bond and harness their gifts and talents. This atmosphere of mutual trust and accountability allows our men to walk in true excellence — cultivating their spiritual disciplines of prayer, bible study and life commitments.  Our meetings are held on the first Friday of every month, between 7pm-11pm. What’s more, all men are welcome!
Womens Fellowship 
Ladies Fellowship
Women’s fellowship is for fellowship, testimonies and edification. It is our hope that by practically gathering women in a loving and relaxing atmosphere, we can uplift each other; namely, through the sharing of monthly testimonies we can cultivate hope and assurance in all our women. Lastly to elevate, as it is here we are able to speak life, give encouraging words, and offer practical everyday advice — all with Christ at the heartbeat.  Our meetings take place every month at a member’s home, where we are gracefully hosted by one of the ladies, and then proceed to fellowship, learn, and enlighten each other.
Matthew 5:16 (NKJV) Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.